Saint Seiya - Next Dimension: Meiou Shinwa Manga

Saint Seiya - Next Dimension: Meiou Shinwa Manga
  • Book Name: Saint Seiya - Next Dimension: Meiou Shinwa Manga
  • Alternative(s): 聖闘士星矢 NEXT; 聖闘士星矢 NEXT DIMENSION 冥王神話; Os Cavaleiros do Zodíaco – Next Dimension: A Saga de Hades (Brazilian Portuguese); Saint Seiya - Next Dimension - Meiō Shinwa; Saint Seiya - Next Dimension - The Myth of Hades; Seinto Seiya: Nekusuto Dimenshon - Meiō Shinwa; The Knights of The Zodiac - Next Dimension - Myth of the Lord of the Underworld
  • Genre(s): Action Martial Arts Shounen Supernatural
  • Author(s):
  • Status: Ongoing Download Manga
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Summary: Saint Seiya: Next Dimension - The Myth of Hades, also known as simply Next Dimension, is an ongoing manga written and illustrated by Masami Kurumada. It is a prequel and continuation to his manga series Saint Seiya; placed during the previous "Holy War" between the deities Hades and Athena and their respective minions, the Specters and the Saints, during the 18th century in the franchise's fictional chronology. It is published by Akita Shoten in the weekly magazine Weekly Shōnen Champion at irregular dates. It is also known by its alternate subtitle Galaxy Myth (銀河神話 Ginga Shinwa?), which is used during publication to refer to the segments of the storyline set in the 20th century, as opposed to the Myth of Hades subtitle, which refers to the segments set in the 18th century.

Saint Seiya - Next Dimension: Meiou Shinwa chapter

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